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Friday, October 8, 2010

Dessert: Doin' it Right...And Rich!

Because this week has been all about comfort food, relaxation, and feeling better (after my bout with the flu, it was pretty much all I wanted to think about!) I figured...what better way to end it then to talk about one of my favorite comforts...dessert? Honestly, the topic of dessert is one very near and dear to my heart. Not just because it's amazingly delicious, but because I feel that desserts get a bad rap. It's like we can't enjoy the indulgence because we are too busy either 1) feeling bad about eating it or 2) making it so low-calorie and fat free that it isn't even good anymore. In my opinion, if dessert isn't utterly, sinfully indulgent, then it isn't worth the calories!

Which brings me to my real point! So many times, people focus on these plasticy desserts with no sugar, no calories, no fat, and no flavor. I...take another approach. The key is making very high-quality desserts from very delicious ingredients that are rich enough that a small-to-moderate portion is all that you really want and need. Thus you can indulge, and perhaps your dessert is high-calorie, but every vice is fine in moderation, right?

Leave the frozen-food aisles desserts for the "dieting" masses. You are not "dieting", oh anti-anxiety aficionado! You are making a lifestyle change, and if you don't enjoy this new lifestyle, then what's the point? This sort of dessert isn't can be as simplistic as dark chocolate truffles (see the recipe below!) or as intense as flourless chocolate cake with fresh whipped cream (recipe to come at a later date!)...

But the point is enjoying yourself, enjoying your food and taking genuine pleasure in the things you eat, which I believe is absolutely integral to the anti-anxiety diet. If you are pressed for time and have cravings for something sweet, I recommend keeping a bar of organic dark chocolate on hand. Eat a square or two after dinner, it's very satisfying! If chocolate isn't really your thing, fresh fruit is good...and even better with a good fruit dip or fresh whipped cream. A quick bread (like pumpkin bread) is great, especially for the fall. I love experimenting with various desserts and trying new things...the richer the better.

And now, my favorite truffle recipe...truffles are so easy and so delicious, and eating one or two will satisfy even the strongest chocolate craving. Make sure you start this the night before!

Easy Dark Chocolate Truffles (adapted from Easy French Cooking)

8 oz. dark chocolate chips (I use Ghirardelli)
1/2 cup heavy cream
2 T unsalted butter
unsweetened cocoa (again, I use Ghirardelli)

1. Heat cream and butter over medium-high heat until butter is just melted.
2. Stir into chocolate chips, stirring until all chocolate is melted and mixture is smooth.
3. Let cool, then refrigerate overnight.
4. Scoop out chocolate with melon baller or spoon, roll in cocoa powder and set on parchment. Refrigerate until ready to serve!

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