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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lifestyle: Alternative Medicine Part 2

So week one of oil pulling is behind me, and as promised, I've come to you with an update!

As far as my sinus infection, I'm beginning to think that I should have just seen a doctor. It appears to be going away, but so slowly that it's beginning to get ridiculous...and frustrating. However, I am grateful for it in some ways. Without it I would never have discovered oil pulling, which would have been a shame, because in one week I've noticed some pretty incredible results!

First of all, my teeth are at least a shade whiter. Maybe two or three shades, it's difficult to tell because sesame oil doesn't come with a handy chart, unlike most teeth whitening toothpastes. I know that this is the result of the oil, because I have not changed anything about my routine except oil pulling once per day, in the morning. I noticed some whitening within the first two days, and was excited to see my teeth continue to whiten, and some of the staining began to go away. Amazing!

Secondly, my lips are slightly fuller, and seem to get slightly more full with each day. They also seem to be getting softer. Both my whiter teeth and fuller lips have been noticed by others, which is definitely a great sign! Whiter teeth and fuller lips can be very expensive to attain, even with drugstore remedies. Oil pulling is cheap and effective and seems to help with a great many other issues as well.

The last effect I've noticed in the past week was actually just yesterday...I had to get up a full three and a half hours earlier than usual, and I made sure to get up in time to do my oil pulling. Well, when I got up I felt like death, but as I swished that oil around my mouth, I started to feel better, and by the time I was finished, I was wide awake. I had a pretty intense amount of energy all day long, kind of an undercurrent of feeling well and positive. I don't know how much of that can conclusively be the oil, but I do know that it woke me up unlike any caffeinated beverage I've ever had!

All in all, thus far I strongly recommend oil pulling. It's cheap, it's simple, and even if the only benefits are whiter teeth or fuller lips....why not? 

As for other alternative remedies, if you ever feel uncomfortable with a remedy, seek your physician's advice. However, if it's safe and cheap, why not try it?

The other thing I wanted to discuss today was the effectiveness of the anti-anxiety diet. Something as "simple" as a diet change can seem almost like a band-aid on the greater issues of anxiety, especially if you are facing the sort of crippling effects and heavy tolls that severe anxiety can have and take. Alternative cures, such as changing your lifestyle to improve your mental health, can sometimes seem short-sighted or simple inefficient. I will readily say that a lifestyle change isn't the only answer. If you haven't been diagnosed by a doctor, you could be dealing with some serious condition that you aren't even aware of. If your anxiety stems from PTSD or life circumstances, you might need to see a professional therapist. As someone who has been officially diagnosed and who has seen a therapist, I'm certainly not one to turn my nose up at such things.

However, I started this lifestyle change because I was desperate and scared and very sick, and because I didn't have money for a doctor. With the state of health care in this country, its very difficult to obtain sufficient medical care at an affordable price, so instead of spending money on a doctor...I spent it on food. And it changed everything, really, and it was completely worth it.

If you are dealing with any symptoms of anxiety or if you just want to eat a little healthier or lose a little weight...try this lifestyle. Learn to cook with whole, delicious foods, eat well, live calmly, and learn to relax. It'll change your life, and it's worth every minute.

The Calm Cook

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