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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lifestyle: New Years Resolutions

Ah, New Years...there's a lot that anyone can say about this time of year, because (like any day) it's meaning is assigned, not inherent. Every society seems to hold some sort of celebration or festival or new beginnings, out with the old and in with the new, and for reasons that are fairly obvious; we need that cyclical chance to renew ourselves. Everyone needs a clean slate, and even if dropping the baggage of the previous year is mostly symbolic, it gives us a chance to change things...a starting point from which we can push off. 

Of course, this creates the ever-famous (or infamous) New Year's Resolution. Many of us purpose to drop those holiday pounds, to give up our vices and generally do a better job of being a good person in the year to come. And frankly, there's nothing wrong with that.

The fact is, sometimes we need a diving platform, an edge to get us started, and a reason to stop making excuses...New Years provides this for many. But where do we find the motivation to stick with our goals? Losing the motivation to lose weight sometimes shortly after January 31st is so common it's a cliche`, just like dieting on January 1st. So how do you keep yourself out of that trap? 

It's so subtle you almost wouldn't notice it from an outside perspective, but the difference is that of starting a fad diet or making a conscious decision to improve your lifestyle. Don't let your gym membership go to waste, don't follow some strict regime that forces you to eat food that you don't's pointless! Losing weight isn't a mystery, even if it feel like it. The Tranquil Kitchen is a blog dedicated to the Anti Anxiety Diet, but anyone...anyone can benefit from this way of eating. The main point is to change your entire approach to food. Eat nutritionally dense foods but consume smaller portions. Don't starve yourself...ensure that you are getting your necessary protein in a day, mainly from plants, and then fill up on grains and vegetables. In my approach, you shouldn't eat anything that you don't truly enjoy eating.

And that's another thing...eating should be an enjoyable experience. You don't have to be a foodie eating gourmet thises and thats to enjoy your meals. But purpose to make eating a pleasurable experience. Share food with friends and family and have them help with the prep as well. Try new flavors and new combinations that you may not have thought of before. Look into borrowing cuisines from other countries and ethnicities. 

If eating is a pleasurable, relaxed, and fun experience then you can really savor every bite, instead of wolfing down untold calories before your stomach catches up and lets you know that it is "full". Which one sounds better to you? 

Stay tuned...Friday's post will be all about the other big New Year's goal...exercise!

The Calm Cook

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