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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lifestyle: Prioritizing

It's so easy these days to get...beyond busy. Not just run on the mill, working eight hours a day busy, but the kind of busy where you don't have a spare moment from dawn until midnight and you still haven't finished everything that you need to accomplish. Some people love being busy and others hate it, but I happen to fall into former category. If I'm not busy, I don't know how to handle myself. (How I balance that particular quirk with an anxiety disorder, I have no idea.)

But whether you are happily busy or about to tear your hair out with frustration, the most important part of balancing your busy life is by choosing your priorities. Even though it can feel like life is running you, you still have the right and the ability to choose how you are going to run your life, what you will prioritize and what you will put above everything else. It's necessary for your health, mental and physical, to make those distinctions

There's something to be said for knowing when to start and when to stop, when to set something aside for later and when to go for it full tilt, not letting anyone or anything get in your way. Sometimes its as simple as knowing when to let yourself take a break.

This week, I'm afraid I have to make that distinction. I've had several tumultuous occurrences in the past week, and this week upcoming is the final week of my current day job, which is closing. I have four big projects I'm working on and meals to cook for my family, a very intense last-week's schedule and, this past weekend, an unexpected trip out of town. I think I just need a few days off and next week I will be able to come back, good as new. Until then, try a recipe and tell me what you think!

I wish you all the very best and I will return next Tuesday with a brand new recipe, tried and true as always.

The Calm Cook

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