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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Recipe! Soyrizo Breakfast Scramble

I love the flavor of Mexican chorizo, but to be honest, the "mystery meat" aspect of it is less than appealing. The first time that I had a recipe that called for chorizo, I went to the market and found a tube of it, and as I always do with new brands, I checked the ingredients.

...woah. Can I just say, I don't care how natural, organic, grass-fed, local, clean, and delicious your beef or pork is...I have no desire to eat lymph nodes. The lymphatic system runs all through the body picking up waste, toxins, disease, and other nastiness, and filtering it through lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are basically the sewage plants of the body. Some people don't have a problem with that, I am definitely not one of those people. I tossed the recipe.

So this time, knowing what I wanted (chorizo) and that my market's chorizo was...not something that I wanted to consume, I went straight to the produce section and picked up a package of Soyrizo for a little over $2.00.

When it comes to soy-based meat substitutes, I don't usually recommend them for a variety of reasons. Soy is being overproduced right now, much like corn, and we get enough of it from products that don't advertise their soy protein. It's in so many different products that consuming a product made of soy pretty much pushes you past the edge of "moderation". However, having a little soy creamer in your coffee or eating a little Soyrizo every once and awhile? It wont hurt, just make sure it's every once and awhile.

So I had this recipe brewing in my head, a Chorizo Breakfast Scramble...filled with goodness and spiced with Sriracha (because I, like many other bloggers right now, am hopelessly addicted to Sriracha). We had (yet another) snow day today, and I took the opportunity to try out the recipe. According to my taste tester/garbage disposal (he's seventeen), it was a huge success...and I agree. This recipe uses whole grains (corn tortillas!), fresh produce, and the only dairy is in the topping. You can tailor it to your tastes! If you prefer a spicier recipe, add some jalapeƱos or extra Sriracha. You can add more vegetables as well!

Soyrizo Breakfast Scramble

1/2 package (1 link) Soyrizo sausage
1/2 yellow onion
4 corn tortillas, cut into strips or squares
5 eggs
Garlic powder
Sea salt
1/2 avocado, cut into salad-sized squares
Cotija or Queso Blanco cheese
Sour cream

1. Let EVOO warm in a medium high skillet. When ti is warm, add Soyrizo and crumble with spatula while it cooks. When Soyrizo is just beginning to brown, add onions (season with salt, garlic powder, and sriracha) and cook until they are soft. Then add tortilla strips and cook until they are browning.

2. Scramble eggs with about 1 t sriracha, 1/2 t garlic powder and 1/4 t or so salt. Once tortilla strips are browning, stir skillet well before adding eggs. Stir, allow to cook, and stir again, repeating until eggs are no longer shiny. Crumble cheese on top, remove from heat, and cover for two minutes or until cheese is melted.

3. To serve, pile onto plates, top with avocado squares and a dollop of sour cream. Delicious!

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